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Scorpio personalities like to lure unsuspecting prey and Virgo characteristically needs to be commander of the relationship. This adventure could be the undoing of mild mannered Virgo and turn them into a superhero or a super villain. Alternatively, if Virgo holds ground Scorpio may spend the rest of their lives trying to bag and catch the most elusive and beautiful of all Zodiac creatures.

Both signs may have orbited around each other as part of the same social circle until a cataclysmic event occurs and suddenly they turn to the most unlikely person ever for solace and advice.

Scorpio gives Virgo licence to go wild without judgement and encourages them not to be so self critical. Virgo will catch Scorpio when they desperately seek recovery from overindulgence and act their nominated sponsor until health returns. They both have a sharp eye for detail and this can be a unifying force when there are similar interests. Virgo is earth so they bring common sense and practicality to the table whilst Scorpio, as a water element sign provides emotion and predictive thinking.

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Astrological Personalities. Aries Mar 21 — Apr 20 Fire.


Taurus Apr 21 — May 21 Earth. Gemini May 22 — Jun 21 Air. Cancer Jun 22 — Jul 22 Water. Leo Jul 23 — Aug 22 Fire.

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Virgo Aug 23 — Sep 23 Earth. Libra Sep 24 — Oct 23 Air. Scorpio Oct 24 — Nov 22 Water. And when considering the days immediately before and after totality, this Full Flower Moon will complete the ingress.

So the coming days will witness the influence of Scorpio, relating to rebirth, give way to Sagittarius, concerning authority and belief. This is because Scorpio is the horoscope sign relating to rebirth and spiritual transformation. Full Moons are recognised in astrology as being a powerful time for releasing burdens.

This Full Moon energy is asking us to reflect on our life and the path we have chosen.

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