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However, most of them were auctioned during British rule. Apparently, there's a palm leaf that corresponds to everyone. If you find your leaf, you'll get to know your future. Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tamil Nadu is regarded as the best place to consult a Nadi astrologer, as it originated there. However, the challenge is identifying the real ones from the fakes. Numerous people have reported not finding any legitimate astrologers.

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They've either been told that Nadi astrology is a scam, or they've encountered scams from Nadi astrologers around the temple such as this alarming must-read example. Yet, the fact that many people can be seen getting rituals performed indicates some belief in it.

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Want to try your luck? These are the only two families of astrologers who have been practicing for many generations and are believed to possess most of the original Nadi scriptures. Will you have a positive experience there?


It's impossible to say. It all hinges on locating the correct leaf, which is easier said than done!


Or, it may no longer exist many leaves have been destroyed over the years. Not everyone will get their leaf.

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Whether you do, or not, is supposedly up to destiny. There are tales of accurate predictions, so it's not possible to say that Nadi astrology doesn't have merit.

However, the problem lies in being able to find an astrologer that's authentic and has the right leaf. The vast majority of them don't.

Nadi Astrology at Vaitheeswaran Koil - Real or Fake?

The tedious process of finding the right leaf is carried out firstly by taking a thumb print. The lines on the thumb are classified into various types and the palm leaves are arranged according to these types. There are categories of thumb prints, and for each type there are four to five bundles of leaves.

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Each bundle of leaves has 12 chapters containing names, life details, and past life details. Your bride , groom, wedding suits , horoscopes grid , life stage , business description , financial account informations, and all quires about your horoscope below and click the Pay Details.

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People born under the Zodiac Sign Aries Mesha , the first Sign of the Zodiac calendar, represent the raw energy of life itself. It is very important to marry the right person!

On a more. Astrological balance The placement of the Navagrahas in one's horoscope supposedly have an influence throughout an individual's life. Wearing the nine gems is said to provide an astrological balance and benefit to the wearer. This Navra.

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